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Let us help you invest, enhance, and protect your property. Whether it’s farm, residential, lifestyle, pool, security, or vineyard fencing we can accommodate your needs. We build all types of fencing with true craftsmanship. Tell us your plans we will get you on the right track to a well made fencing solution.

We are specialists in farm, rural and lifestyle fencing:


  • Sheep and cattle yards

  • Electric and deer fencing

  • Pest control

  • Boundary lines

  • Post and wire

  • Ponds, reservoirs and water ways

  • Wind breaks

  • Post and wire/net

  • Boundary and high country


Steve Locke Fencing specialises in development and maintenance of vineyard fencing. Our company was built on the back of the Marlborough Vineyard Industry. Over the years we have successfully developed and maintained the fencing on numerous vineyards throughout the region.


Today we are available for post and strainer driving, running wire, vineyard development or removals. We are equipped with a side-mounted post driver and tractor that can easily go up and down rows on the hills or the flats. Our use of a pneumatic post driver also gains us speed on the job. We are experienced and licensed with excavators if needed. 


Familiarity of the vineyard processes give us a good understanding of the timing involved. Steve can give advice for the most appropriate methods of fencing and materials to use on your vineyard.

We fence commercial properties, and provide auto opening gates for maximum & minimum security. We can make our gates and fencing to order. Projects have also included roadwords and council parks and edible gardens.


We are also experienced in made-to-order fencing for home pools, commercial pools, spas, ponds, water ways, and tennis courts.


View our gallery for different styles of residential fencing we can supply and install. There are many styles to choose from - whether modern or classic, post caps, oversized gates or automation. Accommodating anyone’s budget we can achieve a quality fence. 


Please contact us to view a brochure and discuss a plan. Whether we supply it or not we will fence it. We have the expertise and ability to work with any type of product or client requirement.

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